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What is it

Scrabble is a board game with a similar to a crossword puzzle. In the game, participants form words out of randomly picked letters. Each letter is worth different values. This competition is aimed to increase their vocabulary of participants and test their spelling.

General Rules

  1. Participants are not allowed to wear short skirts or short pants above their knee and sandals.
  2. Participants must attend Technical Meeting on Friday, 5th October 2018 to be informed the detail of the competition such as the theme. If the participants can not come at least the institution must send a representative to agree to the rules and regulations.The committee will not be held responsible or extend the competition deadline because absence during Technical Meeting.
  3. The participants who have been registered online can be replaced with a new participants before Friday, October 5th, 2018 by sending the request of replacement to ECOM 2018 Registration’s e-mail address:, with the following format subject:
    "Replacement_(Competition Type)_(Institution)"
    and the following format body mail:
    1. Competition Type:
    2. Institution:
    3. Name of Original Participant:
    4. Name of Replacement Participant:
    5. Reason:
    The participant is required to attach any kind of related document that supports the participant’s reason (e.g. signed medical permit from hospital). If the committee finds the reason as an acceptable reason, then the committee will send the approval of replacement request to the participant’s e-mail address.
  4. Participants are expected to come on time for both Opening Ceremony and competitions. A minimum of 30 minutes time before the event starts is highly suggested.
  5. Every participant who has registered online MUST re-register themselves again in the morning of each event day, October 12th - October 14th, 2018. Participants who failed to follow this rule will be disqualified. There will be an exception only for those who are not able to come on the re-registration day by sending their permission for absence to the committee beforehand through Audra (+62 81808866604). The permission for absence must be due to personal urgencies or reasons of which the committee found acceptable and it must be done maximum 1 (one) day before the re-registration day.
  6. After Friday, October 5th, 2018 replacement of participants is not allowed and will result in disqualification.
  7. Participants must keep the building clean. No littering allowed.
  8. Participants may not smoke, play cards, gamble, and bring any alcohol beverages.
  9. Any possessions or usage of drugs, weapons, and/or sharp objects are not allowed.
  10. Observers may recorded or and photograph their participant’s performance, as long as they do not disturb the performance and with the consent of the participants.
  11. Participants are expected to be respectful towards other participants and judges.
  12. Participants are not allowed to go outside Binus JWC/FX building without any permission from the committee.
  13. The judges' decision(s) are final and cannot be contested.
  14. Failure to comply to any of the general and/or competition rules may result in disqualification and/or other consequences.
  15. The certificate can ONLY be taken in the closing ceremony on Sunday, October 14th, 2018 by the participants or the representative.
  16. The prize and the trophy for the winner can ONLY be taken by the winner in the closing ceremony on Sunday, October 14th, 2018. If the winner can not be present during the closing ceremony due to several significant reasons (which are allowed by the committee), the prize and the trophy can be taken by the representatives.
  17. The committee is entitled to unilaterally cancel this competition if the number of participants do not reach the minimum quota as determined by the committee. The minimum quota for the competition is 12 (twelve) teams.
  18. All the regulations are binding, absolute, and might be altered, added, or diminished by the committee under certain circumstances.

Rules and Regulations

This rules and regulations are made according to the World English-Language Scrabble® Players Association (WESPA) Game Rules Version 3.0.
Players are advised to read the full game rules here :

  1. Time
    Each player will be given a total of 25 minutes to play his/her turn for the whole game with 10 points/minute overtime penalty (maximum 5 minutes).
    By pressing the timer in the course of playing a word, exchanging or passing, a player indicates a final choice of move. The move may not be changed after this act.
  2. Keeping score
    Each player will be given a score sheet paper, on which they will keep track of both players’ score.
    After the game ends, both player must synchronize their score sheets before signing the result slip.
    A game result slip signed by both players is final, and binds the players and the Tournament Director.
  3. Exchanging tiles
    Any player may use their turn to replace any or all of the tiles in their rack. They may do so by discarding them face down, drawing the same number of new tiles, then mixing the discarded tiles with those remaining in the bag. They then await their next turn to play.
  4. Passing (missing a turn)
    Instead of placing tiles on the board, or exchanging tiles, a player may also decide to pass, whether or not they are able to make a word (or words).
  5. Placing the first word
    The first player combines two or more of their tiles to form a word and places them on the board to read either across or down with one tile on the centre square (ribbon). Diagonal words are not permitted.
    All tiles played in this and subsequent turns must be placed in one continuous line horizontally or vertically.
  6. Permitted words
    The official word source is Collins Official SCRABBLE® Words, 4th edition, 2015.
    Once a tile has been placed on the board, it may not be moved unless the word is successfully challenged.
  7. Challenging words
    Once a word has been played, the word may be challenged before the score is added up and the next player starts their turn. At this point only, you may consult a dictionary to check spelling or usage.
    Player may neutralize their timer during challenge.
    If the word challenged is unacceptable, the player takes back their tiles and loses their turn. Otherwise, the challenger gets 5 points penalty per unsuccessfully challenged word.
  8. BOARD Premium Spaces
    The playing board consists of 15 x 15 squares in the playing area with grid lines to separate the squares. There are special premium squares on the board with bonus score values:
    1. Premium Letter Squares
    2. A light blue square doubles the score of a letter placed on it.
    3. A dark blue square triples the score of a letter placed on it.
    4. Premium Word Squares
    5. A light red square doubles the score of the word.
    6. A dark red square triples the score of the word.
    If a word crosses both premium letter and word squares, all the bonus letter values are added up before the complete word score is double or tripled.
    The bonus scores of the premium squares only apply to the turn in which the tiles are placed on them.
    When a blank is placed on a Triple or Double Word square, the sum of the tiles in the word is doubled or tripled even though the blank itself has no score value. When it is placed on a Triple or Double Letter square, the value of the blank tile is still zero.
  9. Scoring the first word
    A player completes their turn by counting and announcing their score, which is recorded to each player scoresheets.
    The score for the turn is calculated by adding up all the values of the numbers on the tiles, plus any premium values from utilising the premium squares.
  10. Ending a turn
    At the end of every turn, the player draws as many new tiles as they have played, thus always keeping seven tiles in their rack.
  11. Next Player’s turn
    The second player and then each player in turn, has the choice of exchanging tiles, passing or adding one or more tiles to those already played so as to form new words of two or more letters.
    All tiles played in any one turn must be placed in one row only across or one column only down the board. If they touch other tiles in adjacent rows, they must form complete words crossword fashion, with all such tiles.
    The player gets full score for all words formed or modified by their play. Include the bonus scores of any premium squares on which they have placed the tiles.
    There are five different ways that new words can be formed:
    1. Adding one or more tiles to the beginning or end of a word already on the board, or to both the beginning and end of that word.
    2. Placing a word at right angles to a word already on the board. The new word must use one of the letters of the word already on the board.
    3. Placing a complete word parallel to a word already played so that adjoining tiles also form complete words. In this example, more than one word is formed in the same turn and each word is scored. The common letters are counted (with full premium value, when they are on premium squares) in the score for each word.
    4. The new word may also add a letter to an existing word.
    5. The last variation would be to “bridge” two or more letters. (This can only happen on the 4th move or later in the game.) Sometimes a word may cross two premium word squares. The word score is doubled then redoubled - 4 times the complete word score; or tripled and then re-tripled - 9 times the complete word score!
  12. End of the game
    The game ends when :
    1. 'Playing out' occurs when, after completing a turn, a player has no tiles remaining and no tiles remain to be drawn from the bag. When one player has played out, his or her score is increased by twice the value of the opponent's unplayed tiles, and the opponent's score is unchanged.
    2. Six consecutive turns scoring zero, resulting from any combination of passes, exchanges and successful challenges. If this occurs, each player's final score is reduced by the total value of the tiles on his or her rack.
    Before leaving the playing area, BOTH players must ensure that the tiles are left on the board in preferably four 5x5 grids or one 10x10 grid.
  13. Late Arrivals
    1. Each timer will start at the same time despite the absence of the player.
    2. A player who fails to arrive before his or her assigned game time expires forfeits that game.
    3. A late player whose timer has been started may elect to forfeit the game if his or her assigned game time is less than 15 minutes.
    4. A game forfeited caused by late arrivals will count as a win for the opponent by a margin of 100 points.
  14. Any Scrabble committee member decision are final. Please note that the committees may give penalties (such as minus point, ban, or disqualify) to players who committed any kind of cheating and/or abusive behaviour.

Contact Person

Stefan Liemawan

+62 81216263503

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